How To Stay Happy And Healthy While Attending University

This one is for all the students out there like me that have put on the ‘freshman 15’, felt totally overwhelmed and depressed at times and find themselves glued to the couch.

As a full-time student, I totally understand the pressure and emotional  upheaval University can put you through. Whether that means that you’re drowning in assignments or you’re not and you feel like you’re missing something, you spending 24/7 at the school or you don’t and feel like you should be, or any other reasons, this post is here to help.

Eating healthy while on a tight budget can be tough. I’m sure as all of you have noticed when you walk into a grocery store all of the healthy produce is crazy expensive and Mr. Noodles is like 87 cents so what’s the obvious choice here? Am I right? Eventually, eating too many Mr. Noodles catches up to you. In April you’re looking in the mirror and asking yourself what the hell happened?. I’m sure many of you have been there before. I definitely have. Now in my second year, I have started to plan my meals while shopping, choose healthier options of easy go-to foods (for example: instead of a grilled cheese sandwich, try making a tuna sandwich instead). Try to incorporate at least one vegetable in your dinner or lunch, and most importantly, never skip a meal. Staying healthy also means eating when you’re hungry! Don’t feel like you can’t eat if you want to be healthy, because that is very untrue. The internet is also a really great place to find healthy recipes and other tips. Here are some helpful links I found.

Staying active is another huge part of staying healthy but also staying happy. I’ve learned through many trainers and just from experience that laziness will eventually lead to depression. Some tips to staying active would be to ask your friends to go on a walk on a nice day, somewhere that you have never been in town before or if hiking is popular in your city (like in mine), find a good hiking trail! It not only is great exercise but could also bring you to a beautiful scenic point which can feel very rewarding. Another activity you can do is look into if your school has intramural sports! They are inexpensive, fun, and non-competitive and usually offered for almost every sport! Some schools even offer free workout classes for the students at different times of the day to keep you in shape! And of course, working out at home is always great because you’re on your own time and it’s free! Here are some helpful websites about staying active.

Everyone who’s attended/attending university knows that sometimes you get overwhelmed and stressed and it makes you unhappy. Finding the balance between your busy uni life and finding time for yourself can be hard but it’s necessary! Take at least a couple hours on a Saturday or Sunday to do something you love doing. Whether that be reading, watching a movie, going to the mall, whatever! You have to remember that your happiness is what is most important to you and that happiness will keep your wheels turning. Juggling student life and just life, in general, can be hard so, surround yourself with friends and fun times and I guarantee that you will get a fulfilling experience out of going to university. Here are some websites I found interesting.

I created this post to help students like me get over these bumps in the road. These tips would be helpful to me (well they are), because University can be one of the toughest times in your life, but you also want it to be one of the greatest times of your life and that my friends, is what I hope to help you accomplish.


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