This One’s For The Parents

This is a tutorial for the parents that have children in university/college. We love you, you mean everything to us. That is why you should know the truth about the stuff that we encounter as students. I know some of you may have attended post-secondary at some point but I can assure you that some of our experiences will be different.  To start off, I’d like to clarify some things.

  • We (as fullsizerenderstudents) are busy 24/7. Whether that be busy with school, busy with friends, busy with work, etc. So please don’t be upset if we don’t get a chance to talk to you every day.
  • We’re going to spend money on stupid stuff, even though you’ve told us not to like a million times. I’m sorry, but it will happen.
  • We have no time to worry about nutrition. If I have time, I will cook a nutritious meal but if I’m loaded with homework; pizza and Kraft Dinner is where I’m probably going to turn.
  • We look up to you, so when we ask you to proofread our four-page essay (I know it’s boring and long and you probably don’t want to read it) please at least skim it and let us know what we can do to improve.
  • Don’t worry too much about us and how were doing living away from home. Times can be hard but this is our learning stages in life and we know we have been taught from the best.

I could go on with more but I think you kind of get the idea. Being a student is difficult, especially when we live far away from you. And I know some parents are reading this and thinking, “but what can I do to help! I want to help!” I have a couple ideas for you!

  • img_9501When we do get a chance to come home and visit, a few home cooked meals or even some meats, treats, and other things that are taking up room in your fridge; we will definitely take those.
  • If for some reason you happen to come across gift cards to grocery stores, or anywhere else, we will muchly appreciate those as well (considering we are very tight with money).
  • Another great idea that I have seen online is care packages. If you don’t see your child much a care package could be a great way to show that you’re thinking of them and hoping things are going well. A care package could include simple things like cleaning supplies, toiletries, snacks, really anything that you would want to put in a little box and mail to your child in need.

That pretty much sums up my advice/tutorial for parents who have children in university. The main thing is to remember we love you and miss you! And we know that no matter what you will have our backs with whatever may be thrown at us. Special shoutout to my family back home for being so supportive and loving, you guys rock.


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