How To Make Your House Look More Inviting On A Small Budget

This one’s for anyone who feels like their house looks empty/boring but doesn’t have a ton of money to put towards decorating (I’m talking to you students!).

Are you renting a house/apartment or living on campus in an unfurnished home? This blog is for you!

I don’t know about you, but when I have company over to my house I want it to look warm and inviting. These quick inexpensive tips could help you achieve this goal. I’ll be talking about some things that I have done personally and some other tips and websites that could be useful to you.

Step 1:
Double check your rules for decorating the house that you live in. Most of the time you are allowed to decorate but if you are hanging things on the wall you have to avoid the use of nails and other things that could leave the walls looking worn out.

Also, check the spaces you have to decorate. How much wall space do you have? Do you have tables to put decorative pieces on? And, if you are living with roommates, make sure they are down to decorate and agree with the ideas you have in mind.

Step 2:
Do some research! What are the most inexpensive places in your city to buy decorations? I know it may sound hard to believe but the dollar store is a great place to start! Are you crafty? You could also go to your local craft store and get some supplies (like paint and a blank canvas) and create some of your own artwork to put around your living area.

DIY is always a good idea and is usually pretty inexpensive. Does your school have anything that could help you? I know every September my school hosts a large poster sale that sells every size and styles imaginable for a very do-able price.

Step 3:
Take action! To start, go to your local Walmart and pick up some 3M velcro/sticky hangers. They are great for hanging anything you want and never leave a mark. Amazon usually has great deals on different things to hang on your wall like canvases, clocks, you name it.

Also, check out your local dollar store! A great idea would be to make a flower piece out of all the fake flowers they have available, pick up a vase and you have a cute flower piece for a table in your living space.

Did you get a lame hand me down couch from your parents or grandparents? Walmart or your local dollar store could have some really cute pillows to throw on to make your couch look more attractive.

Another great way to make your home seem more inviting would be to pick up a few candles to light when you’re expecting company. It makes your house smell great and it will be a great first impression for when your guests arrive.

This is a great start to get your living space look more exciting and inviting. I know for a fact that you will get a lot of compliments and good things said about your space if you follow these simple steps! Hope I leant out a helping hand to everyone out there!


Bell Let’s Talk

Today is ‘Bell Let’s Talk’ day so I thought I’d write up a post about how important it is to be aware of mental health disorders and treat them as a serious matter because they are. Mental health disorders can happen to anyone; whether you’re female, male, young, old, in school, employed, etc. And it is happening to everyone that is why we need to get talking about it! For years, mental health has been put on the back burner and people who did have depression, anxiety, etc. wouldn’t talk about it because it was almost embarrassing and no one would ever believe them. These people would receive comments like “you’re just having a bad day”, “stop being so stressed out!”, “you’re no fun when you’re like this”, etc. and that just isn’t okay. Today is the day to speak up and tell people they are not alone. This is the first year I have ever felt the effects of mental health disorders and it has really opened my eyes. Just remember that there is always going to be someone there for you, there will always be people that love you and there will always be people that are going through what you’re going through.


For more information visit Bell Let’s Talk

How To Start A Conversation With A Stranger

Have you ever found yourself in an elevator with a complete stranger or been forced to talk to one in class or even in the workplace? There is actually a great way to go about talking to someone for the first time. I am a communications student and I’ve been taught the correct way on how to communicate with a complete stranger and I want to share it with you.

The first thing I was taught was to remember that everyone’s favorite topic to talk about is themselves. Whether they like to admit it or not. So when meeting someone for the first time the best way to start is by introducing yourself, then asking them their name. Pretty simple right? This is the ‘business card‘ step. Once you have gained the information of the person’s name, try to say it in a sentence a few times afterward to really embed it in your brain because a person’s name is important to them. The next step you are going to want to take is the ‘house‘ step. Ask them if they are from town, if not, where they are from. After you have reached this step you can move onto the ‘door‘ step (ha).  Ask them if they have kids/siblings or even if their family is from town, etc. If you have run out of things to talk about, the next step is ‘chimney/smoke‘ this could include anything from movies or television shows, etc. After that is the ‘baseball glove/sports equipment‘ stage which you could ask them if they watch sports/play sports and if they don’t do either of those you could ask them what their hobbies are or what other things they are interested in. The final stage is ‘airplane‘ this is when you can ask them where they have traveled or where they would like to travel.

I know for a fact that this strategy works and you will have a full conversation with this person and this person may not even ask one thing about you. Which is good, because like I said earlier, everyone’s favorite topic is themselves. Another great thing about this strategy is the person you are talking to will most likely feel like they are in control but you are actually in control of the conversation. I promise you that when you are done talking with this person they will definitely have a good lasting impression of you after using this strategy.

Lastly, always remember to avoid ‘PSR‘. That stands for politics, sex, and religion. These three topics are very touchy subjects and can cause the person you are talking with to feel uncomfortable, so stay away from those three! I hope I helped any of your awkward encounters with strangers to come in the future. Remember; business card, house, door, chimney/smoke, baseball glove/sports equipment and airplane. And don’t forget to stay away from PSR!